Election Contests and Ballot Measures

November 4, 2014 Oregon General Election


Note: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election and some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.

In addition to the office contests shown on our ballots, you may find additional county, city, local and judicial contests on the ballot you will see at the polls. Due to our limited resources we are currently unable to cover these contests.

US Senate
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Jeff Merkley - D
Monica Wehby - R
James E. Leuenberger - CON
Christina Jean Lugo - G
Mike Montchalin - L
US House of Representatives
Representative In Congress 1st District
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Suzanne Bonamici - D
James Foster - L
Steven C. Reynolds - I
Jason Yates - CON
Representative In Congress 2nd District
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Aelea Christofferson - D
Sharon L. Durbin - L
Greg Walden - R
Representative In Congress 3rd District
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Earl Blumenauer - D
James L. Buchal - R
Jeffrey J. Langan - L
Michael Meo - G
Representative In Congress 4th District
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David L. Chester - L
Peter A. Defazio - D
Arthur B. Robinson - R
Representative In Congress 5th District
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Raymond Lee Baldwin - CON
Walter Kurt Schrader - D
Tootie Smith
Daniel K. Souza - L
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John Kitzhaber - D
Dennis Richardson - R
Christopher Kenneth Henry - PRO
Paul B. Grad - L
Aaron Donald "D" Auer - CON
Jason Levin - G
Oregon Senate
State Senator District 3
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Alan C. Bates - D
Dave Dotterrer - R
State Senator District 4
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Cheryl Mueller - R
Floyd Prozanski - D
William Bollinger - L
State Senator District 6
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Lee L. Beyer - D
Michael P. Spasaro - R
State Senator District 7
Chris Edwards - D
State Senator District 8
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Betsy L. Close - R
Sara A. Gelser - D
State Senator District 10
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Jackie F. Winters - R
Glen E. Ewert - L
State Senator District 11
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Peter Courtney - D
Patricia Milne - R
State Senator District 13
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Ryan Howard - D
Kim Thatcher - R
State Senator District 15
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Chuck Riley - D
Bruce Starr - R
Caitlin Mitchel-Markley - L
State Senator District 16
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Elizabeth "Betsy" Johnson - D
Bob Ekstrom - CON
Perry Roll - L
Andrew "Drew" Kaza - WF
State Senator District 17
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Elizabeth Steiner Hayward - D
John Verbeek - R
State Senator District 19
Richard Devlin - D
State Senator District 20
Compare the candidates
Jamie Damon - D
Alan R. Olsen - R
State Senator District 23
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Michael E. Dembrow - D
Michael Marvin - L
State Senator District 24
Rod Monroe - D
State Senator District 26
Compare the candidates
Robert R. Bruce - D
Chuck Thomsen - R
Oregon House
State Representative District 1
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Jim Klahr - D
Wayne J. Krieger - R
State Representative District 2
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Kerry Atherton - D
Dallas Heard - R
Jeffrey Keith Adams - L
State Representative District 3
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Tom Johnson - D
Carl Wilson - R
Barbara Lynn Gonzalez - CON
Tom Johnson - WF
Mark J. Seligman - L
State Representative District 4
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Duane A. Stark - R
Darlene V. Taylor - D
State Representative District 5
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Peter Buckley - D
Nick Card - R
State Representative District 6
Sal C. Esquivel - R
State Representative District 7
Compare the candidates
Cedric Hayden - R
Brandon M. Boertje - L
State Representative District 8
State Representative District 9
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Catherine Hanen "Caddy" McKeown - D
Casey Runyan - R
Guy Scott Rosinbaum - L
State Representative District 10
David Gomberg - D
State Representative District 11
Compare the candidates
Phil Barnhart - D
Andrew Petersen - R
State Representative District 12
Compare the candidates
Christopher P. Gergen - R
John D. Lively - D
State Representative District 13
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Laura D. Cooper - R
Nancy Nathanson - D
State Representative District 14
Compare the candidates
Val Hoyle
Kathy Lamberg - R
State Representative District 15
Andy Olson - R
State Representative District 16
Compare the candidates
Dan Rayfield - D
Jacob D. Vandever - R
State Representative District 17
Compare the candidates
Richard Harisay - D
Sherrie Sprenger - R
State Representative District 18
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Victor S. Gilliam - R
Scott A. Mills - D
State Representative District 19
Compare the candidates
Bill Dalton - D
Jodi L. Hack - R
State Representative District 20
Compare the candidates
Paul Evans - D
Kathy B. Goss - R
State Representative District 21
Compare the candidates
Brian L. Clem - D
Beverly J. Wright - R
State Representative District 22
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Matt Geiger - I
Betty E. Komp - D
Michael Paul Marsh - CON
Thad Marney - L
State Representative District 23
Compare the candidates
Wanda Davis - D
Mike Nearman - R
Alex Polikoff - G
Mark Karnowski - L
State Representative District 24
Compare the candidates
Ken Moore - D
Jim Weidner - R
David Kohler Johnson - L
State Representative District 25
Compare the candidates
Charles E. Lee - D
Bill Post - R
Josh Smith - G
State Representative District 26
Compare the candidates
John Davis - R
Eric D. Squires - D
State Representative District 27
Compare the candidates
Tobias Read - D
Robert D. Martin - L
State Representative District 28
Compare the candidates
Jeff H. Barker - D
Lars D L Hedbor - L
State Representative District 29
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Susan McLain - D
Mark Richman - R
State Representative District 30
Compare the candidates
Joseph S. Gallegos - D
Dan Mason - R
Kyle Nathan Markley - L
State Representative District 31
Compare the candidates
Larry Erickson - R
Brad Witt - D
Robert Dean Miller - L
State Representative District 32
Compare the candidates
Deborah Boone - D
Rick Rose - R
State Representative District 33
Compare the candidates
Mitch Greenlick - D
Mark William Vetanen - L
State Representative District 34
Compare the candidates
Ken Helm - D
Brenden King - R
State Representative District 35
Compare the candidates
Margaret Doherty - D
John S. Gerboth - L
State Representative District 36
Compare the candidates
Jennifer Ann Williamson - D
Amanda Burnham - L
State Representative District 37
Compare the candidates
Julie Parrish - R
Gerritt Rosenthal - D
State Representative District 38
Ann Lininger - D
State Representative District 39
Bill Kennemer - R
State Representative District 40
Compare the candidates
Brent Barton - D
Steven Robert Newgard - R
State Representative District 41
Compare the candidates
Timothy E. McMenamin - R
Kathleen Taylor - D
State Representative District 42
Compare the candidates
Rob A. Nosse - D
Bruce Alexander Knight - L
State Representative District 43
Lew Frederick - D
State Representative District 44
Compare the candidates
Michael H. Harrington - R
Tina Kotek - D
State Representative District 45
Barbara Smith Warner - D
State Representative District 46
Alissa Keny-Guyer - D
State Representative District 47
Jessica Vega Pederson - D
State Representative District 48
Compare the candidates
Jeff Reardon - D
George Sonny Yellott - R
State Representative District 49
Compare the candidates
Chris Gorsek - D
Bill Beckers - R
State Representative District 50
Compare the candidates
Dan Chriestenson - R
Carla C. Piluso - D
State Representative District 51
Compare the candidates
Jodi Bailey - R
Shemia Fagan - D
State Representative District 52
Compare the candidates
Mark Johnson - R
Stephanie Nystrom - D
State Representative District 53
Gene Whisnant - R
State Representative District 54
Compare the candidates
Knute C. Buehler - R
Craig Wilhelm - D
State Representative District 55
Compare the candidates
Mike McLane - R
Richard V. Phay - D
Frank W. Brannen - L
State Representative District 56
Gail D. Whitsett - R
State Representative District 57
Gregory V. Smith - R
State Representative District 58
Compare the candidates
Greg Barreto - R
Heidi Van Schoonhoven - D
State Representative District 59
John E. Huffman - R
State Representative District 60
Compare the candidates
Cliff S. Bentz - R
Peter Hall - D
Referendums and Ballot Measures
Measure 86 Fund for pursuing post-secondary education
Requires creation of fund for Oregonians pursuing post-secondary education, authorizes state indebtedness to finance fund.Result of “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote amends constitution and requires legislature to establish fund for Oregonians pursuing post-secondary education, career training; authorizes state to incur debt to finance fund.Result of “No” Vote: “No” vote rejects authorization for state to extend credit and incur debt to create dedicated fund for Oregon students pursuing post-secondary education and career training.___Yes___No
Measure 87 Employment of state judges by National Guard
Amends Constitution: Permits employment of state judges by National Guard (military service) and state public universities (teaching)Result of “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote amends constitution to permit state judges to be employed by Oregon National Guard for military service purposes, state public universities for teaching purposes.Result of “No” Vote: “No” vote retains existing constitutional restrictions on employment of Oregon state court judges by the Oregon National Guard and by the state public university system.___Yes___No
Measure 88 Issue “driver cards”
Provides Oregon resident "driver card" without requiring proof of legal presence in the United StatesResult of “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote directs Department of Transportation to issue “driver card” to Oregon resident meeting specified eligibility, without requiring proof of legal presence in United States.Result of “No” Vote: “No” vote rejects law directing Department of Transportation to issue “driver card” to eligible Oregon resident without requiring proof of legal presence in United States.___Yes___No
Measure 89 Equality of rights on account of sex
Amends Constitution: State/political subdivision shall not deny or abridge equality of rights on account of sexResult of “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote amends state constitution, prohibits state and any political subdivision from denying or abridging equality of rights under the law on account of sex.Result of “No” Vote: “No” vote retains current prohibition on laws granting/denying privileges or immunities on account of sex, unless justified by specific biological differences between men/women.___Yes___No
Measure 90 Single primary ballot listing candidates; top two advance
Changes general election nomination processes: provides for single primary ballot listing candidates; top two advanceResult of “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote replaces general election nomination processes for most partisan offices; all candidates listed on one single primary ballot; two advance to general election ballot.Result of “No” Vote: “No” vote retains current general election nomination processes, including party primaries for major parties; separate primary ballots; multiple candidates can appear on general election ballot.___Yes___No
Measure 91 Possession, manufacture, sale of marijuana
Allows possession, manufacture, sale of marijuana by/to adults, subject to state licensing, regulation, taxationResult of “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote allows possession, authorizes in-state manufacture, processing, sale of marijuana by/to adults; licensing, regulation, taxation by state; retains current medical marijuana laws.Result of “No” Vote: “No” vote retains laws classifying cannabis as a controlled substance; prohibiting most sale, possession, manufacture of cannabis; permitting production, possession of cannabis for medical use.___Yes___No
Measure 92 Label "genetically engineered" foods
Requires food manufacturers, retailers to label "genetically engineered" foods as such; state, citizens may enforceResult of “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote requires the labeling of raw and packaged foods produced entirely or partially by “genetic engineering,” effective January 2016; applies to retailers, suppliers, manufacturers.Result of “No” Vote: “No” vote retains existing law, which does not require “genetically engineered” food to be labeled as such.___Yes___No
Measure 07-63 Continue Bowman Museum
Shall the current levy supporting Bowman Museum continue for four years beginning 2015 at $0.06 per $1,000 taxable assessed valuation? This measure renews current local option taxes.___Yes___No
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