Election Contests and Ballot Measures

November 6, 2018 Oregon General Election


Note: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election and some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.

In addition to the office contests shown on our ballots, you may find additional county, city, local and judicial contests on the ballot you will see at the polls. Due to our limited resources we are currently unable to cover these contests.

US House of Representatives
Representative In Congress 1st District
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Suzanne Bonamici - D
Drew A. Layda - L
John Verbeek - R
Representative In Congress 2nd District
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Jamie McLeod-Skinner - D
Mark R. Roberts - R
Greg Walden - R
Representative In Congress 3rd District
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Earl Blumenauer - D
Gary Lyndon Dye - L
Tom Harrison - R
Marc W. Koller - I
Michael Paul Marsh - CON
Representative In Congress 4th District
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Mike Beilstein - G
Peter A. Defazio - D
Richard R. Jacobson - L
Arthur B. Robinson - R
Representative In Congress 5th District
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Mark Allen Callahan - R
Marvin Sandnes - G
Walter Kurt Schrader - D
Daniel K. Souza - L
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Katherine Brown - D
Knute C. Buehler - R
Patrick Starnes - I
Aaron Donald "D" Auer - CON
Nick Chen - L
Christopher Kenneth Henry - PRO
Oregon Statewide Offices
Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries
Judge of Supreme Court, Position 5
Oregon Senate
State Senator District 1
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Shannon Souza - D
Dallas Heard - R
State Senator District 3
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Jeff Golden - D
Jessica L. Gomez - R
State Senator District 4
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Floyd Prozanski - D
Scott Rohter - R
Frank L. Lengele, Jr. - L
State Senator District 6
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Lee L. Beyer - D
Robert Schwartz - R
State Senator District 7
James I. Manning, Jr. - D
State Senator District 8
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Sara A. Gelser - D
Erik S. Parks - R
Bryan Eggiman - L
State Senator District 10
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Deb Patterson - D
Jackie F. Winters - R
State Senator District 11
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Peter Courtney - D
Greg Warnock - R
State Senator District 13
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Kim Thatcher - R
Sarah Grider - D
State Senator District 15
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Chuck Riley - D
Alexander Flores - R
State Senator District 16
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Elizabeth "Betsy" Johnson - D
Raymond Lee Biggs - CON
State Senator District 17
Elizabeth Steiner Hayward - D
State Senator District 19
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Rob Wagner - D
David C. Poulson - R
State Senator District 20
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Charles Gallia - D
Alan R. Olsen - R
Kenny Sernach - L
State Senator District 24
Shemia Fagan - D
State Senator District 26
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Chrissy Reitz - D
Chuck Thomsen - R
State Senator District 30
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Cliff S. Bentz - R
Solea Kabakov - D
Oregon House
State Representative District 1
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David Brock Smith - R
Eldon Wayne Rollins - D
State Representative District 2
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Gary Leif - R
Megan Salter - D
State Representative District 3
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Jerry Morgan - D
Carl Wilson - R
State Representative District 4
Duane A. Stark - R
State Representative District 5
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Sandra A. Abercrombie - R
Pam Marsh - D
State Representative District 6
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Kim Wallan - R
Michelle Blum Atkinson - D
State Representative District 7
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Christy Inskip - D
Cedric Hayden - R
State Representative District 8
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Paul R. Holvey - D
Martha Sherwood - L
State Representative District 9
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Teri Grier - R
Catherine Hanen "Caddy" McKeown - D
State Representative District 10
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David Gomberg - D
Thomas M. Donohue - R
State Representative District 11
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Marty Wilde - D
Mark F. Herbert - R
State Representative District 12
John D. Lively - D
State Representative District 13
Nancy Nathanson - D
State Representative District 14
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Rich Cunningham - R
Julie Fahey - D
State Representative District 15
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Cynthia K. Hyatt - I
Shelly Boshart Davis - R
Jerred Taylor - D
State Representative District 16
Dan Rayfield - D
State Representative District 17
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Sherrie Sprenger - R
Renee Windsor-White - D
State Representative District 18
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Rick Lewis - R
Barry Shapiro - D
State Representative District 19
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Denyc Nicole Boles - R
Mike Ellison - D
State Representative District 20
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Paul Evans - D
Selma Pierce - R
State Representative District 21
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Brian L. Clem - D
Jack L. Esp - R
State Representative District 22
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Teresa Alonso Leon - D
Marty Heyen - R
State Representative District 23
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Danny Jaffer - D
Mike Nearman - R
Mark Karnowski - L
State Representative District 24
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Ron Noble - R
Ken Moore - D
State Representative District 25
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Dave McCall - D
Bill Post - R
State Representative District 26
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A. Richard Vial - R
Tim E. Nelson - L
Courtney Neron - D
State Representative District 27
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Sheri Schouten - D
Brian Pierson - I
Katy Brumbelow - L
State Representative District 28
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Jeff H. Barker - D
Lars D L Hedbor - L
State Representative District 29
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Susan McLain - D
David Molina - R
William A. Namestnik - L
State Representative District 30
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Janeen Sollman - D
Dorothy Merritt - R
Kyle Nathan Markley - L
State Representative District 31
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Brad Witt - D
Brian G. Stout - R
State Representative District 32
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Brian P. Halvorsen - I
Tiffiny K. Mitchell - D
Vineeta Lower - R
Randell Carlson - L
State Representative District 33
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Mitch Greenlick - D
Elizabeth J. Reye - R
State Representative District 34
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Ken Helm - D
Michael Ngo - R
Joshua Ryan Johnson - L
State Representative District 35
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Margaret Doherty - D
Bob Niemeyer - R
State Representative District 36
Jennifer Ann Williamson - D
State Representative District 37
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Julie Parrish - R
Rachel Prusak - D
State Representative District 38
Andrea Salinas - D
State Representative District 39
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Christine Drazan - R
Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey - D
State Representative District 40
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Mark Meek - D
Josh Hill - R
State Representative District 41
Karin Power - D
State Representative District 42
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Rob A. Nosse - D
Bruce Alexander Knight - L
State Representative District 43
Tawna Sanchez - D
State Representative District 44
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Tina Kotek - D
Manuel A. Guerra - L
State Representative District 45
Barbara Smith Warner - D
State Representative District 46
Alissa Keny-Guyer - D
State Representative District 47
Diego Hernandez - D
State Representative District 48
Compare the candidates
Jeff Reardon - D
George Sonny Yellott - R
State Representative District 49
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Chris Gorsek - D
Justin Hwang - R
Heather E. Ricks - L
State Representative District 50
Carla C. Piluso - D
State Representative District 51
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Janelle S. Bynum - D
Lori Chavez-DeRemer - R
State Representative District 52
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Jeff Helfrich - R
Anna K. Williams - D
State Representative District 53
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Eileen Kiely - D
Jack Zika - R
State Representative District 54
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Nathan K. Boddie - D
Cheri Helt - R
Amanda La Bell - WF
State Representative District 55
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Mike McLane - R
Karen Rippberger - D
State Representative District 56
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E. Werner Reschke - R
Taylor Tupper - D
State Representative District 57
Gregory V. Smith - R
State Representative District 58
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Greg Barreto - R
Skye Farnam - I
State Representative District 59
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Daniel G. Bonham - R
Darcy Long-Curtiss - D
State Representative District 60
Lynn P. Findley - R
Referendums and Ballot Measures
Measure 102, Removes Restriction that Affordable Housing Projects Funded by Municipal Bonds be Government Owned
Removes restriction that affordable housing projects funded by city and county bonds must be government owned. Source: Ballotpedia
Measure 103, Ban Tax on Groceries Initiative
Measure 103 would ban state and local governments from enacting taxes on the sale of groceries. It would also retroactively prohibit any taxes, fees, or assessments adopted or enacted on or after October 1, 2017.
Measure 104, Definition of Raising Revenue for Three-Fifths Vote Requirement Initiative
Measure 104 would define raising revenue in Section 25 of Article IV of the Oregon Constitution to include changes to tax exemptions, credits, and deductions that result in increased revenue, as well as the creation or increase of taxes and fees.
Measure 105, Repeal Sanctuary State Law Initiative
Measure 105 would repeal the state law, Oregon Revised Statute 181A.820, which forbids state agencies, including law enforcement, from using state resources or personnel to detect or apprehend persons whose only violation of the law is that of federal immigration law.Measure 105 would allow any law enforcement agency to use agency funds, equipment, and personnel to detect and apprehend people whose only violation of the law is a violation of federal immigration law.[
Measure 106, Ban Public Funds for Abortions Initiative
The measure would prohibit public funds from being spent on abortions, except when medically necessary or required by federal law. Under the measure, an abortion would qualify as medically necessary if a licensed physician determines that a woman would suffer an injury or death unless an abortion is performed. Under the measure, public funds may be spent on abortions in circumstances of rape or incest or diagnosed ectopic pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancies, also called extrauterine pregnancies, are pregnancies where a fertilized egg becomes implanted outside of the uterus and has no chance of proceeding normally to birth and which could cause fatal bleeding to the mother. Source: Ballotpedia
District Attorney

Crook County

County Judge

Gilliam County

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Elizabeth A. Farrar
Steven Shaffer
District Attorney

Malheur County

County Judge

Sherman County

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