Election Contests and Ballot Measures

November 8, 2016 Utah General Election


Note: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election and some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.

In addition to the office contests shown on our ballots, you may find additional county, city, local and judicial contests on the ballot you will see at the polls. Due to our limited resources we are currently unable to cover these contests. There are also 17 additional minor party and write-in US President and Vice President candidates that will appear on ballots but we choose not to cover due to space limitations.

US President & Vice President (Utah)
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Darrell Castle - CON
Scott N. Bradley - CON
Gary Johnson - L
Bill Weld - R
Jill E. Stein - G
Ajamu Baraka - G
Hillary Clinton - D
Timothy M. Kaine - D
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente - I
Michael Steinberg
Donald Trump - R
Mike Pence - R
Evan McMullin
Mindy Finn
US Senate
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Mike Lee - R
Misty K. Snow - D
Bill Barron - U
Stone Fonua
US House of Representatives
US House District 1
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Rob Bishop - R
Craig Bowden - L
Peter Conover Clemens - D
Chadwick H. Fairbanks, III - I
US House District 2
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Charlene Albarran - D
Paul J. McCollaum, Jr. - CON
Chris Stewart - R
US House District 3
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Jason Chaffetz - R
Stephen P. Tryon - U
Us House District 4
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Mia B. Love - R
Doug Owens - D
Collin Robert Simonsen - CON
Governor and Lt. Governor
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Gary R. Herbert - R
Spencer J. Cox - R
Mike Weinholtz - D
Kim Bowman - D
Brian E. Kamerath - L
Barry Evan Short - L
Superdell Dell Schanze - IA
Gregory C. Duerden - IA
L. S. Brown - CON
Utah Statewide Offices
Attorney General
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Jon V. Harper - D
Sean D. Reyes - R
Michael W. Isbell
W. Andrew McCullough - L
State Treasurer
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David Damschen - R
Neil A. Hansen - D
Richard D. Proctor - CON
State Auditor
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John Dougall - R
Mike Mitchell - D
Jared Green - I
State Board Of Education District 4
State Board Of Education District 7
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Carol Barlow-Lear - U
Shelly Teuscher - U
State Board Of Education District 8
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Richard R. Nelson - U
Janet A. Cannon - R
State Board Of Education District 10
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Kathleen Riebe - D
Gary Thompson - U
State Board Of Education District 11
State Board Of Education District 12
Compare the candidates
Alisa Ellis - U
Dixie Allen
State Board Of Education District 13
Compare the candidates
Scott B. Neilson
Stan Lockhart - U
State Board Of Education District 15
Compare the candidates
Michelle Boulter - R
Wesley J. Christiansen - R
►WebsiteWes christiansen for state School board
Utah Senate
State Senator District 1
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Luz Escamilla - D
Fred C. Johnson - R
State Senator District 6
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Wayne A. Harper - R
Celina L. Milner - D
Jim Dexter - L
State Senator District 7
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Andrew Apsley - D
Deidre Henderson - R
State Senator District 8
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Ash Anderson - D
Brian E. Shiozawa - R
State Senator District 10
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Lincoln Fillmore - R
Daniel Paget - D
State Senator District 13
Compare the candidates
Jake Anderegg - R
David E. Lifferth - U
State Senator District 14
Compare the candidates
Dan Hemmert - R
Joseph Geddes Buchman - L
Curt Crosby - IA
State Senator District 16
Compare the candidates
Curtis S. Bramble - R
Jason Christensen - R
State Senator District 19
Compare the candidates
Allen M. Christensen - R
Deana Froerer - D
Michael Joseph Seguin - U
State Senator District 20
State Senator District 23
Compare the candidates
Steve Hartwick - D
Todd Weiler - R
State Senator District 24
State Senator District 25
State Senator District 27
Compare the candidates
David P. Hinkins - R
Heidi Redd - D
State Senator District 29
Compare the candidates
Dorothy A. Engelman - D
Don L. Ipson - R
Utah House
State Representative District 1
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Scott Sandall - R
Sherry Phipps - CON
State Representative District 2
Jefferson R. Moss - R
State Representative District 3
Val K. Potter - R
State Representative District 4
Edward Hunter Redd - R
State Representative District 5
Compare the candidates
David L. Clark - D
R. Curt Webb - R
State Representative District 6
Compare the candidates
Donna Gibbons - D
Cory Maloy - R
Aaron A. Davis - L
State Representative District 7
Compare the candidates
Floyd Handley - D
Justin L. Fawson - R
State Representative District 8
Compare the candidates
Matthew D. Frandsen - D
Gage Froerer - R
State Representative District 9
Compare the candidates
Kathie J. Darby - D
Jeremy Peterson - R
State Representative District 10
Compare the candidates
Jesus "Jesse" Garcia - D
Dixon M. Pitcher - R
Derryck Gordon - L
State Representative District 11
Compare the candidates
Kelly B. Miles - R
Amy Steed Morgan - D
State Representative District 12
Mike Schultz - R
State Representative District 13
Compare the candidates
Bob Buckles - D
Paul Ray - R
State Representative District 14
Karianne Lisonbee - R
State Representative District 15
Compare the candidates
Rich Miller - D
Brad R. Wilson - R
State Representative District 16
Compare the candidates
Stephen G. Handy - R
Tiffany Kopp - D
State Representative District 17
Compare the candidates
Stewart E. Barlow - R
Christine Stenquist - D
State Representative District 18
Timothy D. Hawkes - R
State Representative District 19
Compare the candidates
Raymond Ward - R
Kurt Weiland - D
State Representative District 20
State Representative District 21
Compare the candidates
Rick A. Pollock - D
Douglas V. Sagers - R
State Representative District 22
Compare the candidates
Susan Sue Duckworth - D
Jamie White - R
State Representative District 23
Compare the candidates
Scott A. Hawkins - R
Sandra Hollins - D
State Representative District 24
Rebecca Chavez-Houck - D
State Representative District 25
Joel K. Briscoe - D
State Representative District 26
Angela Romero - D
State Representative District 27
Michael Stephen Kennedy - R
State Representative District 28
Brian S. King - D
State Representative District 29
Compare the candidates
Lee B. Perry - R
Angela B. Urrea - D
State Representative District 30
Compare the candidates
Frank Bedolla - D
Mike Winder - R
State Representative District 31
Compare the candidates
Sophia M. Dicaro - R
Elizabeth Weight - D
State Representative District 32
Compare the candidates
Lavar Christensen - R
Suzanne Harrison - D
State Representative District 33
Compare the candidates
Craig Hall - R
Peter Tomala - D
State Representative District 34
Compare the candidates
Macade Jensen - R
Karen Kwan - D
State Representative District 35
Compare the candidates
Patricia Phaklides - R
Mark A. Wheatley - D
Chelsea Travis - L
State Representative District 36
Patrice M. Arent - D
State Representative District 37
Compare the candidates
Kris Kimball - R
Carol Spackman Moss - D
State Representative District 38
Compare the candidates
Charles Henderson - D
Eric Hutchings - R
State Representative District 39
Compare the candidates
James A. Dunnigan - R
Paul R. Schulte
State Representative District 40
Compare the candidates
Joseph F. Breault - R
Lynn N. Hemingway - D
State Representative District 41
Compare the candidates
Chad S. Harrington - D
Dan McCay - R
State Representative District 42
State Representative District 43
Compare the candidates
Adam Gardiner - R
Edgar Harwood - D
State Representative District 44
Compare the candidates
Bruce R. Cutler
Christine Passey - D
State Representative District 45
Compare the candidates
Nikki Cunard - D
Steven Eliason - R
State Representative District 46
Compare the candidates
Marie H. Poulson - D
Lee Anne Walker - L
State Representative District 47
Compare the candidates
Ken Ivory - R
John Rendell - D
State Representative District 48
Compare the candidates
Keven J. Stratton - R
Clinton Rhinehart - IA
State Representative District 49
Compare the candidates
Robert Spendlove - R
Zach Robinson - D
State Representative District 50
Compare the candidates
Susan Pulsipher - R
Patty Rich - D
State Representative District 51
Compare the candidates
Gregory H. Hughes - R
Kyle Waters - D
State Representative District 52
Compare the candidates
John Knotwell - R
Garr K. Smith - D
State Representative District 53
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Cole R. Capener - D
Logan Wilde - R
State Representative District 54
Compare the candidates
Rudi Kohler - D
Tim Quinn - R
State Representative District 55
Compare the candidates
Scott H. Chew - R
Wayne Stevens - D
State Representative District 56
Kay Jeffery Christofferson - R
State Representative District 57
Brian M. Greene - R
State Representative District 58
Derrin R. Owens - R
State Representative District 59
Compare the candidates
Rachel Nelson - D
Val Peterson - R
State Representative District 60
Compare the candidates
Bradley M. Daw - R
Brooke Swallow-Fenton - D
Tommy Williams - IA
State Representative District 61
Keith Grover - R
State Representative District 62
State Representative District 63
Compare the candidates
Nathan Smith Jones - D
Dean Sanpei - R
State Representative District 64
Norm Thurston - R
State Representative District 65
Francis D. Gibson - R
State Representative District 66
State Representative District 67
Marc Roberts - R
State Representative District 68
Compare the candidates
Cindee Beard - D
Merrill Nelson - R
Kirk D. Pearson - CON
State Representative District 69
Compare the candidates
Brad King - D
Christine F. Watkins - R
State Representative District 70
Compare the candidates
Carl R. Albrecht - R
William J. Groff - D
State Representative District 71
Compare the candidates
Chuck Goode - D
Brad Last - R
State Representative District 72
John R. Westwood - R
State Representative District 73
Compare the candidates
Ty Markham - D
Michael E. Noel - R
State Representative District 74
V. Lowry Snow - R
State Representative District 75
Walt Brooks - R
Referendums and Ballot Measures
Constitutional Amendment A
Shall the Utah Constitution be amended to make a technical wording change in the oath of office that elected and appointed officers are required to take?
Constitutional Amendment B
Shall State School Fund provisions of the Utah Constitution be amended to:-modify the description of what can be distributed from the State School Fund from "interest and dividends" to "earnings";-limit annual distributions from the State School Fund to 4% of the Fund; and-modify the standard governing how the state is required to invest money in the Fund.
Constitutional Amendment C
Shall the Utah Constitution be amended to allow a property tax exemption for tangible personal property that is leased by the state or by a county, city, town, school district, or other political subdivision of the state?
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