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November 8, 2011 Washington Special Election


Note: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election and some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.
State Senator District 4
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Mike Padden - R
Jeff Baxter - R
State Representative District 49 Position #1
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Sharon Wylie - D
Craig Riley - R
Referendums and Ballot Measures
Initiative Measure No. 1125 Concerns State Expenditures On Transportation.
This measure would prohibit the use of motor vehicle fund revenue and vehicle toll revenue for non-transportation purposes, and require that road and bridge tolls be set by the legislature and be project-specific.Should this measure be enacted into law?[ ] Yes[ ] No
Initiative Measure No. 1163 Concerns Long-Term Care Workers And Services For Elderly And Disabled People.
This measure would reinstate background checks, training, and other requirements for long-term care workers and providers, if amended in 2011; and address financial accountability and administrative expenses of the long-term in-home care program.Should this measure be enacted into law?[ ] Yes[ ] No
Initiative Measure No. 1183 Concerns Liquor: Beer, Wine, And Spirits (Hard Liquor).
This measure would close state liquor stores and sell their assets; license private parties to sell and distribute spirits; set license fees based on sales; regulate licensees; and change regulation of wine distribution.Should this measure be enacted into law?[ ] Yes[ ] No
Senate Joint Resolution 8205 on repealing article VI, section 1A, of the Washington Constitution.
This amendment would remove an inoperative provision from the state constitution regarding the length of time a voter must reside in Washington to vote for president and vice-president.Should this constitutional amendment be:[ ] Approved[ ] Rejected
Senate Joint Resolution 8206 On The Budget Stabilization Account Maintained In The State Treasury.
This amendment would require the legislature to transfer additional moneys to the budget stabilization account in each fiscal biennium in which the state has received "extraordinary revenue growth," as defined, with certain limitations.Should this constitutional amendment be:[ ] Approved[ ] Rejected
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