Election Contests and Ballot Measures

November 6, 2012 Oregon General Election


Note: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election and some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.

Only federal and state office contests and ballot measures are presented. Hopefully, with your financial support we will be able to cover all county, local and judicial contests in future elections.

US President & Vice President (Oregon)
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Barack Obama - D
Joe Biden - D
Mitt Romney - R
Paul Ryan - R
Jill E. Stein - G
Cheri Honkala - G
Gary Johnson - L
James P. "Jim" Gray - L
Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson - J
Luis Rodriguez - J
William Nicholas Christensen - CON
Kenneth L. Gibbs
US House of Representatives
Representative In Congress 1st District
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Suzanne Bonamici - D
Bob Ekstrom - CON
Delinda Delgado Morgan - R
Steven C. Reynolds - I
Representative In Congress 2nd District
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Joyce B. Segers - D
Harry Joe Tabor - L
Greg Walden - R
Representative In Congress 3rd District
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Earl Blumenauer - D
Woodrow V. Broadnax, Jr. - G
Michael Andrew Cline - L
Ronald Joseph Green - D
Representative In Congress 4th District
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Peter A. Defazio - D
Charles L. Huntting - L
Arthur B. Robinson - R
Representative In Congress 5th District
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Raymond Lee Baldwin - CON
Christina Jean Lugo - G
Walter Kurt Schrader - D
Frederick Eugene Thompson - R
Oregon Statewide Offices
Secretary Of State
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Katherine Brown - D
Knute C. Buehler - R
Bruce Alexander Knight - L
Robert W. Wolfe - PRO
Seth Alan Woolley - G
State Treasurer
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Thomas Cox - R
John Frederick Mahler - L
Michael Paul Marsh - CON
Edward T. Wheeler - D
Cameron Whitten - PRO
Attorney General
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James L. Buchal - R
Christopher Kenneth Henry - PRO
James E. Leuenberger - CON
Ellen R. Rosenblum - D
Oregon Senate
State Senator District 1
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Jeff Kruse - R
Eldon Wayne Rollins - D
State Senator District 2
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Herman Ernst Baertschiger, Jr. - R
Jim Diefenderfer - D
State Senator District 5
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Arnie Roblan - D
Scott Roberts - R
State Senator District 9
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Xavier Small - U
Steven Howard Frank - D
Fred F. Girod - R
State Senator District 12
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Brian J. Boquist - R
Annette Frank - D
State Senator District 14
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Gary Coe - R
Mark Hass - D
Mark William Vetanen - L
State Senator District 17
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Elizabeth Steiner Hayward - D
Jan L. Verbeek - R
State Senator District 18
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Ginny Burdick - D
Suzanne Gallagher - R
State Senator District 21
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Cliff A. Hutchison - R
Diane Rosenbaum - D
State Senator District 22
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Herbert Karl Booth - L
William "Chip" Shields - D
State Senator District 23
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Jackie Dingfelder - D
Bryant Tracy Olsen - I
State Senator District 25
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Laurie Monnes Anderson - D
Eugene A. Newell, Jr. - L
Scott S. Hansen - R
State Senator District 27
Compare the candidates
Geri Hauser - D
Tim Knopp - R
State Senator District 28
Doug K. Whitsett - R
State Senator District 29
Compare the candidates
William S. "Bill" Hansell - R
Antone Minthorn - D
State Senator District 30
Ted Ferrioli - R
Oregon House
State Representative District 1
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Jim Klahr - D
Wayne J. Krieger - R
State Representative District 2
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Mark Stephens - U
Jeffrey Keith Adams - L
Tim J. Freeman - R
State Representative District 3
Compare the candidates
Barbara Lynn Gonzalez - CON
Matthew W. "Wally" Hicks - R
Johnie Wayne Scott - L
State Representative District 4
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Rick Hake - CON
Dennis Richardson - R
State Representative District 5
Compare the candidates
Sandra A. Abercrombie - R
Peter Buckley - D
State Representative District 6
Sal C. Esquivel - R
State Representative District 7
Compare the candidates
Bruce L. Hanna - R
Fergus McLean - I
State Representative District 8
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Aaron D. Baker - R
Lucian Anthony Blansett - CON
Paul R. Holvey - D
State Representative District 9
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Nancy R. Brouhard - R
Catherine Hanen "Caddy" McKeown - D
Guy Scott Rosinbaum - L
State Representative District 10
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David Gomberg - D
Jerome Donald Grant - R
State Representative District 11
Compare the candidates
Phil Barnhart - D
Kelly Lovelace - R
State Representative District 12
Compare the candidates
John D. Lively - D
Joseph Paul Pishioneri - R
State Representative District 13
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Mark Allen Callahan - R
Nancy Nathanson - D
State Representative District 14
Compare the candidates
Dwight D. Coon - R
Val Hoyle
Sharon Ann Mahler - L
State Representative District 15
Compare the candidates
Ronald Joseph Green - D
Andy Olson - R
State Representative District 16
Compare the candidates
Andrew Decker - R
Rachel Jewell Feigner - L
Sara A. Gelser - D
State Representative District 17
Compare the candidates
Richard Harisay - D
Sherrie Sprenger - R
State Representative District 18
Victor S. Gilliam - R
State Representative District 19
Compare the candidates
Kevin Cameron - R
Claudia Kyle - D
State Representative District 20
Compare the candidates
Vicki Berger - R
Jacqueline F. Pierce - D
State Representative District 21
Compare the candidates
Brian L. Clem - D
Daniel Allen Farrington - R
Marvin James Sannes - I
State Representative District 22
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Betty E. Komp - D
Kathy LeCompte - R
State Representative District 23
Compare the candidates
Alex Polikoff - G
Ross Edwin Swartzendruber - D
Jim Thompson - I
State Representative District 24
Compare the candidates
Kathleen Ann Campbell - D
David Kohler Johnson - L
Jim Weidner - R
State Representative District 25
Compare the candidates
Ryan R. Haffner - L
Paul Holman - D
Kim Thatcher - R
State Representative District 26
Compare the candidates
John Christopher Nicholas Davis - R
Wynne Wakkila - D
State Representative District 27
Compare the candidates
Burton Clifford Keeble - R
Tobias Read - D
State Representative District 28
Compare the candidates
Jeff H. Barker - D
Manuel A. Castaneda - R
State Representative District 29
Compare the candidates
Katie Eyre - R
Ben Unger - D
State Representative District 30
Compare the candidates
Joseph S. Gallegos - D
Shawn Lindsey - R
Kyle Nathan Markley - L
State Representative District 31
Compare the candidates
Lewis Roland Barnes - R
Raymond Lee Biggs - CON
Robert Dean Miller - L
Brad Witt - D
State Representative District 32
Compare the candidates
Deborah Boone - D
Perry Roll - L
James Joseph Welsh - CON
State Representative District 33
Compare the candidates
Mitch Greenlick - D
Stevan C. Kirkpatrick - R
State Representative District 34
Compare the candidates
Chris Harker - D
Dan Mason - R
Lloyd C. Meyer - U
State Representative District 35
Compare the candidates
Margaret Doherty - D
John Goodhouse - R
State Representative District 36
Compare the candidates
Bruce Robert Neal - R
Jennifer Ann Williamson - D
State Representative District 37
Compare the candidates
Carl Hosticka - D
Julie Parrish - R
Meredith Love Taggart - L
State Representative District 38
Compare the candidates
Christopher L. Garrett - D
Tom Maginnis - R
State Representative District 39
Compare the candidates
Christopher Cameron Bangs - D
Blake Holmes - L
Bill Kennemer - R
State Representative District 40
Compare the candidates
Brent Barton - D
Steven Robert Newgard - R
State Representative District 41
Compare the candidates
Timothy E. McMenamin - R
Carolyn Tomei - D
State Representative District 42
Jules L.K. Bailey - D
State Representative District 43
Lew Frederick - D
State Representative District 44
Compare the candidates
Michael H. Harrington - R
Tina Kotek - D
State Representative District 45
Compare the candidates
Michael E. Dembrow - D
Anne Marie Gurney - R
State Representative District 46
Alissa Keny-Guyer - D
State Representative District 47
Compare the candidates
Margaret A. Nelson - R
Jessica Vega Pederson - D
State Representative District 48
Compare the candidates
Michael J. Reardon - D
George Sonny Yellott - R
B. Anthony Smith - U
State Representative District 49
Compare the candidates
Chris Gorsek - D
Matthew Wand - R
State Representative District 50
Compare the candidates
Logan B. Boettcher - R
Greg Matthews - D
State Representative District 51
Compare the candidates
Shemia Fagan - D
Patrick Sheehan - R
State Representative District 52
Compare the candidates
Mark Johnson - R
Peter Nordbye - D
State Representative District 53
Gene Whisnant - R
State Representative District 54
Compare the candidates
Jason Conger - R
Nathan R. Hovekamp - D
State Representative District 55
Compare the candidates
John Wesley Huddle - D
Mike McLane - R
State Representative District 56
Gail D. Whitsett - R
State Representative District 57
Gregory V. Smith - R
State Representative District 58
Compare the candidates
Robert E. Jenson - R
Heidi Van Schoonhoven - D
State Representative District 59
Compare the candidates
John E. Huffman - R
Gary L. Ollerenshaw - D
State Representative District 60
Cliff S. Bentz - R
Referendums and Ballot Measures
Measure 83 - Authorizes privately-owned Wood Village casino; mandates percentage of revenues payable to dedicated state fund
Currently, Oregon Constitution prohibits privately-owned casinos within state. Under measure, State Lottery shall issue renewable 15-year lease permitting owner of former Multnomah Kennel Club in Wood Village to operate gaming devices, table games, keno, and other games of chance at that site. Measure would become operative only if constitution is amended to permit privately-owned casinos within state. Casino operator shall pay 25% of adjusted gross revenues monthly to State Lottery. Lottery shall deposit 20% of adjusted gross revenues into Job Growth, Education and Communities Fund (separate from general fund), and 80% in State Lottery Fund. Moneys in the Job Growth fund are apportioned to the incorporated cities adjoining casino, Indian tribes, law enforcement, and gambling treatment services. Other provisions.Estimate of financial impact: The financial impact of the measure is indeterminate. This measure authorizes a single privately owned casino in Multnomah County. The measure requires a minimum investment of $250 million in the casino property. The measure sets limits on the number of slot machines and table games at 3,500 and 150, respectively. If the casino is built, the following direct financial impacts on state and local government will result (millions of dollars):Result of "yes" vote: "Yes" vote authorizes a single privately-owned casino in Wood Village; requires casino to give percentage of monthly revenue to State Lottery for specified purposes.Result of "no" vote: "No" vote maintains current state of the law, which does not authorize any privately-owned casino within state; tribal casinos authorized pursuant to gaming compacts.
Measure 85 - Allocates corporate income/excise tax "kicker" refund to additionally fund K through 12 public education
Amends constitution. Before each biennium, the governor must prepare an estimate of revenues expected to be received by the General Fund for the next biennium. The General Fund is the primary funding source for schools, prisons, social services other state-funded programs/services. Current law requires an automatic "kicker" refund to taxpayers of corporate income and excise tax revenue that exceeds estimated collections by two percent or more. Measure allocates the corporate income and excise tax "kicker" refund to the General Fund to provide additional funding for K through 12 public education. Measure does not change the constitutional personal income tax "kicker" provision that requires a refund to individual taxpayers when personal income tax revenue exceeds estimated revenue by two percent or more. Other provisions.Estimate of financial impact: The financial impact of this measure is indeterminate because it is affected by unknown future events. If corporation tax receipts exceed the state forecast by two percent or more for a two-year budget period beginning July 2013 or later, this measure will increase the amount retained in the state General Fund relative to current law. In addition, state expenditures will increase by the same amount. If this measure had been in place for the past ten budget periods, the increases would have ranged from $101 million to $203 million in each of three of those periods.Result of "yes" vote: "Yes" vote allocates the corporate income and excise tax "kicker" refund to the General Fund to provide additional funding for K through 12 public education.Result of "no" vote: "No" vote retains existing corporate income and excise tax "kicker" that requires refund to corporations when revenue exceeds estimated collections by two percent or more.
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