For Volunteers and Interns

The Vote-USA project relies heavily on the efforts of volunteers. To get involved, all you need is an internet connection and the desire. Here are some of ways you can contribute.

Become an Intern

Each year we host undergraduate and graduate interns with a focus in political science, public policy, social sciences, and other related majors. We post internships with universities throughout the country usually near the beginning of each semester. If your university does not have an internship announcement please fill out the contact information below and an administrator will contact you.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are folks who still want to make significant contributions to their political process, but are not currently enrolled in school. Volunteers share some of the same duties as interns, but play a more physical role in their communities i.e. speaking with local party groups, chambers of commerce, etc. to help spread the work we do at Vote-USA.

Contacting Candidates

During larger election cycles there are thousands of candidates running throughout the country. While we do scrape information from candidate websites and social media, we would like to give the candidates the opportunity to fill out their Vote-USA profile themselves and provide videos, so they can feel they are speaking directly to the voters. So we need volunteers willing to go into the field to meet and interview the candidates, and to record videos of the candidates expressing their views on issues of their choice. These videos will be posted to YouTube and linked to from pages on our site.

Upload Candidate Pictures and Obtain Videos, Website and Social Media Links

Candidate pictures, videos and website and social media links are the most important data we provide to voters. We present this data in our ballots and reports to help voters compare candidates. We need help in capturing this information and provide the tools to make it easy to do.

Obtain Biographical Information and Candidates’ Views on the Issues

This information is also very important but can be easily ferreted out by voters with the links we provide to their website and social media pages. When there is a state election or primary of particular importance, like presidential primaries or state general elections we believe it is worth the effort to dig out this information to make it easily available for voters to make comparisons.

Enter State Election Rosters for Upcoming Elections

Each state provides us with its election roster prior to each election. These rosters must be loaded into our platform as quickly as possible so that we can provide timely information to the voters. Here again we could use help.

If you are interested in helping Vote-USA, please use to form below to provide us with the information we need to communicate with you. If you would like, please use the Message text box to tell us a little bit about yourself and/or how you would like to become involved with our project.