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Most of the 51 state election authorities have been very cooperative in response to our requests for election rosters. Since 2004, Vote-USA has used these rosters to cover all general elections, most off-year elections, and many primary elections.

All states, counties, and many local districts have their own rules and regulations regarding elections. Some states are responsible for federal, state, county and local elected offices, while other states delegate this responsibility to the counties and local districts. Each authority has its own ballot access requirements, set of elected offices, election rosters, and election calendars. Although we have not yet begun to work with county and local district election authorities, we intend to do so in the near future, finances permitting.

Vote-USA has the tools to allow any state election authority to enter and edit its own election rosters for the Vote-USA platform. Doing so makes our customized ballot choices available at the earliest possible time, guarantees their accuracy, and reduces our data entry load. We also have the tools to add our customized ballot choices and other reporting capabilities to any state election website. We welcome the opportunity to work with any state that desires to utilize these capabilities.

Add Our Interactive Ballot Choices Buttons to Your Website

We provide some very simple code that you can easily add to your website to add any of these 6 buttons linking to this website:

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