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Issues and Issue Questions Available for Candidate Responses

These are the issues and questions we make available to the candidates to inform voters of their positions and views. All responses are provided by the candidate or are taken from the candidate’s website, public statements or legitimate news articles.

Questions Available to All Candidates
General PhilosophyPersonal and FamilyProfessional ExperienceCivic InvolvementPolitical ExperienceReligious AffiliationAccomplishments and AwardsEducational BackgroundMilitary Service
Reasons & Objectives
Why I Am Running for Public OfficeGoals If ElectedAchievements If ElectedAreas to Concentrate OnOn Entering Public ServiceOpinions of Other Candidates
Questions Available to U.S. President, U.S. House and U.S. Senate Candidates
Health & Medical
COVID-19 CoronavirusAssessment of Impact of COVID-19Safeguarding Our Citizens from COVID-19Government’s Control & Response to COVID-19Testing & Vaccines for COVID-19Economic Impact of COVID-19China and COVID-19Proposed Budget Cuts to CDC, NIH, and WHOHealth and Medical InsurancePrescription DrugsUniversal Medical Care & InsuranceWomen's HealthAffordable Care Act (Obamacare)Mental HealthMedicareMedicare for AllMental Health Mass ShootingsReducing Health Care CostsRural Health CareDrug Addiction & Substance AbuseDrug Price-GougingPharmaceutical CompaniesDifferences of Other Candidates on HealthcareMedicaidPregnancy and ChildbirthHealthcare as a RightGeneric DrugsHealth Insurance Covering Birth ControlMedicare Part D Prescription Drug ProgramLong-Term CareCaregiversPublic OptionChildren's HealthLead PoisoningCommunity Health Centers Paying for Expanded Medical InsuranceAlzheimer's DiseaseAttracting Doctors and Medical Care ProvidersChronic & Catastrophic IllnessesHIV/AIDSHospitals and Medical FacilitiesMedically Uninsured or UnderinsuredNational Institutes of Health (NIH)Nurses and Public Health WorkersUniform Billing and ClaimsVaccinations & ImmunizationsWellness PromotionUniversal Free Schools MealsAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA)AutismBird Flu (Avian Influenza)BreastfeedingCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)DiabetesDisease PreventionElderly's HealthHealth Care Tax CreditsMarket-Based Medical InsuranceMedical ErrorsObesityPatient's Bill of RightsResistance to AntibioticsSmokingState Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)Medical TechnologyIndividuals with Disabilities Education ActAlternative MedicineAssociation Health Plans (AHP)AsthmaBiomedical SuperiorityBusiness Tax Credits for Employee Health CoverageCancerCigarettes Drug & Alcohol AdvertisingFree Market Health CareHealth Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)Health Savings Accounts (HSA)Mad CowMedical Malpractice ReformMedical ResearchMercury PollutionNursing Homes, Hospices and Assisted LivingPaperless ClaimsPhysiciansState Health PlansTax Credit / Deductible for Medical InsuranceTRICARE Health InsuranceOpioid CrisisPrivate InsuranceMedicare for All Who Want It
Environment & Climate Change
EnvironmentClimate Change & Global WarmingClean Air and WaterGreen New Deal2016 Paris Climate Change Agreement Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & RegulationCarbon TaxNational and State ParksOffshore DrillingNet Zero & Reducing EmissionsGlobal Greenhouse EmissionsClimate Change Impact on National SecurityGreenhouse Gas Emission LimitsClean EnergyEndangered SpeciesLand, Rivers and LakesNatural DisastersOceansPublic Lands & WaterClean Water Act of 1977Global Environmental StandardsOil IndustryHumans Affect on Climate ChangeFuel Efficiency StandardsGreen Offices, Homes and ImprovementsKeystone PipelineOil and Gas SubsidiesToxic WasteCarbon Capture TechnologyOil & Gas Leases on Federal Land CoalDeveloping World Climate Change & EnergyEnergy Efficiency StandardsFlood Protection And Levee RepairInterior DepartmentInvasive SpeciesPolluter Superfund FeesRecyclingWildfiresEnvironmental JusticeEPA Superfund Rural Environment Agricultural Impact on Climate ChangeWasteAirline EmissionsMassive AgribusinessArctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil Drilling (ANWR )Clean Air Act of 1963Energy EfficiencyFlexible Fuel VehiclesForest FiresForests, Fish and WildlifeGulf Oil SpillLow Income Energy AssistanceNational Forests and Healthy Forests InitiativeSpent Nuclear FuelState & Local Climate Change InitiativesEvergladesBiodiversity & BiotechnologyChesapeake BayNational Forest Roadless Area Conservation ActRenewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC)Tax Credit for Purchase of Efficient AppliancesSingle Use Plastics
Labor, Wages & Unions
Minimum WageUnions and Collective BargainingPaid Maternity, Family & Medical LeaveIncome InequalityWorker Rights and BenefitsWagesEqual PayWorking ClassWage DiscriminationLaborWomen Workplace ViolenceRight-To-WorkChild LaborEmployment DiscriminationRetired WorkersUnemployment InsuranceOccupational Safety and Health (OSHA)Employment Non-Discrimination ActNational Labor Relations Board (NLRB)Employee Free Choice Act
EnergyRenewable Energy & Fossil FuelsFracking and Natural GasNuclear PowerCarbon TaxOffshore DrillingGreenhouse Gas Emission LimitsGreen EnergyEthanol & BiofuelsOil DrillingOil IndustryGreen Offices, Homes and ImprovementsForeign Oil Energy IndependenceFuel Efficiency StandardsGas Prices & Gas TaxesKeystone PipelineOil and Gas SubsidiesOil Company ProfitsOil & Gas Leases on Federal Land Alternate EnergyCoalDeveloping World Climate Change & EnergyEnergy Efficiency StandardsArctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil Drilling (ANWR )Auto IndustryCap-and-TradeDepartment of EnergyElectricity Transmission GridEnergy EfficiencyEnergy RegulationEnergy Research and DevelopmentHybrid and Electric CarsSpent Nuclear FuelHydrogen Cell Fuel InitiativeShale GasSolar EnergyStrategic Energy FundUtility Regulation/Deregulation
Jobs, Economy, Trade, Business, Industry & Agriculture
EconomyJobsPaid Maternity, Family & Medical LeaveInfrastructureSmall BusinessesAgricultureTariffs & Trade with ChinaTradeIncome InequalityBusinessFarm Subsidies & SupportsForeign Job OutsourcingBig Tech Companies & AntitrustNorth America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)Green EconomyGuest Worker and H-1B ProgramsMinority-Owned BusinessesEmployment DiscriminationMiddle Class & Its DeclineIndependent WorkersCapitalismTrans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP)Green InfrastructureBail Outs of Banks, Financial & Auto CorpsCompany Job Creation RewardsFarm Corporation SubsidiesMine Safety and HealthRecessionGreen FarmingAntitrust EnforcementGlobalism & Nationalism Government Subsidized JobsManufacturing DeclineGreen JobsCEO Pay & Executive CompensationFactory FarmsFamily FarmGreen Manufacturing Massive AgribusinessDepartment of AgricultureOursourcing of JobsReal EstateTrade Barriers to US GoodsUniversal Jobs GuaranteeFarm PoliciesRural EconomyWealth DistributionUniversal Basic IncomeUniversal Savings Program$700 Billion Troubled Asset Relief BailoutFree Trade Agreements (FTA)Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)Trade AgreementsFarm Trade PolicyCurrency ManipulationSeed CorporationsCryptocurrencies & Digital AssetsCash & CurrencyArtificial Intelligence (AI)AirlinesRobo-CallingBig Business & CorporationsWorker Participation in Business ManagementSexual Assault Auto IndustryBusinesses Moving OffshoreCountry of Origin LabelingFarm BillFree Market VisionPatent SystemTrade DeficitTrade Fast-track AuthorityWorld Trade Organization (WTO)Agricultural InfrastructureJobs Lost to TechnologiesWork RelocationMixed Martial Arts FightingStudent Athlete CompensationDaylight Savings TimeCentral American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)Farm Service Agency (FSA)Fast Track AuthorityInsurance IndustryIntellectual Property ProtectionSpace & Aerospace IndustryTelecommutingJob AutomationUS - Mexico Trade AgreementVirginia Economic Development
TaxesCorporate & Business TaxesProperty TaxesPresident Trump’s 2017 Tax CutsEarned Income Tax Credit (EITC)Income TaxesTaxes on Interest, Dividends, and Capital GainsTaxing the WealthiestTax ReformCorporate Tax Breaks & LoopholesEducation Tax CreditsSales TaxTax ProposalsChild Tax CreditFinancial Institutions & Transaction TaxTax CreditsInheritance / Estate TaxesBusiness Tax Breaks and Incentives2001 Tax CutsFlat TaxInternal Revenue Service (IRS)Tax ExemptionsAlternative Minimum Tax (AMT)Extending the Bush Tax CutsHealth Care Tax CreditsOffshore Tax SheltersValue-Added TaxCharities & Non-ProfitsIncome Tax FilingCorporate Relocation Tax BreaksBusiness Tax CreditsBusiness Tax Credits for Employee Health CoverageIncome Tax on SeniorsMarriage PenaltyNational Sales TaxR&D Tax CreditTax-Free Savings Accounts
Education & Schools
Private Schools Vouchers and FundingHigher EducationPrayer & Pledge of Allegiance in SchoolsCharter and Magnet SchoolsSchool SafetyPre-School and Early Childhood EducationStudent Debt & ForgivenessStudent Loans, Scholarships and Pell GrantsTeacher PayPublic Schools K-12No Child Left BehindLocal Control Over EducationHigher Education & College CostsCommon Core EducationSex and Birth Control EducationStudent Standards and TestingDepartment of EducationSpecial EducationHistorically Black CollegesCommunity CollegesFree College TuitionEvolution and Intelligent Design EducationTeacher UnionsAchievement Gaps like Black-White, Boy-GirlClassroom SizeEducation Tax CreditsTeacher StandardsSchool DesegregationAfter-School, Sports, Art, Music ProgramsBullying and School CrimeHome SchoolingSexual Orientation EducationTeacher TenureTextbook SelectionVocational and Technical EducationComputers in SchoolsHigh SchoolsJunk Food & Vending Machines in SchoolsTitle IX 'Equal Opportunities for Girls'Education Gap with Other CountriesBilingual EducationDrugs in SchoolsParental Involvement in EducationArming TeachersPublic Service Loan Forgiveness ProgramDropoutsHead StartLow-Income SchoolsWork-Study ProgramMinority-Serving Colleges and UniversitiesRural EducationDepartment of Children and YouthUniversal Free Schools MealsAdult EducationMath and Science in SchoolsSchool BudgetsSchool Curriculum Math, Science, History, GovernmentTeacher DiversityEducation Funding
Civil, Religious, Gay & Human Rights
Civil RightsLGBTWomen's IssuesRacism & Race RelationsPrivacy RightsBurning the FlagNative Americans & Indigenous PeopleAfrican AmericansGay RightsPersons with DisabilitiesLatino / Hispanic AmericansRoe v. WadeAfrican American ReparationsAffirmative ActionSame Sex MarriageSexual Orientation DiscriminationAnti-semitismGays Serving in the MilitaryWomen’s RightsHate CrimesHate Crimes LegislationProperty Rights vs. Civil RightsEqual Rights AmendmentCivil Unions & Domestic PartnershipsRacial ProfilingSame Sex AdoptionsNative American RightsSexual Orientation EducationMinority & Racial DisparitiesCruelty to AnimalsEmployment Non-Discrimination ActHomosexuality Choice or ChanceMuslims Entering USUSA Patriot ActPresident Trump’s Military Transgender Ban ReinstatementBlack Lives MatterHuman RightsRefusal of Businesses to GaysTax Treatment of Same Sex CouplesThe Military Don't Ask/Don't Tell PolicyTransgender Public Bathroom RestrictionsNative American FundingPersonal Data PrivacyDefense of Marriage Act (DOMA)Diversity &ToleranceFederal Marriage Amendment (FMA)Gender EqualityMarriage Left to StatesTaxes on Native AmericansMinority CommunitiesMinority HealthcareFreedomMinoritiesNative American CasinosReligious RightsTorture & WaterboardingMuslim AmericansProperty RightsRed Flag/Extreme Risk Laws
Government, Elections & Politics
Voting and Election ReformVoting Rights for X-FelonsGovernment Shut DownEarmarksGovernment EfficiencyGovernment & DemocracyGovernment Corruption and EthicsCampaign Contributions, Limits & Citizens United CaseElectoral CollegeVoting RightsMoney and Special InterestsGerrymanderingWinning the ElectionPresident TrumpUS House and Senate Term LimitsElection & Voting SecurityForeign Election InterferenceFederal Bureaucracy & Regulations527 Stealth & Super PACsCampaign Finance ReformVoter SuppressionLobbyingPartisan GridlockSupreme Court Term LimitsState GovernmentsPresident Trump Impeachment Voter RegistrationGovernment & ReligionPublic Funding of Political CampaignsFalse Online Information & Fake NewsVoting AgeDC StatehoodFederalism and States' RightsGovernment AccountabilityNative Americans US TreatiesPost Office & Postal BankingPresident Trump's Conduct in OfficeBallot Measures & Citizen ParticipationCampaign Spending LimitsDC Voting Representation in CongressEminent DomainFaith-based Initiative FundingGovernment TransparencySeparation of Church & StateFederal MandatesFEMA and Hurricane KatrinaGovernment AgenciesHelp America Vote Act of 2002PrivatizationSexual Misconduct of PoliticiansSingle 6 Year Term for US PresidentState Block GrantsSunset ClausesSmall-Donor MatchingFederal Agency RelocationPolitical Party PrimariesFreedom of Information ActSoft-money Political ContributionsTea PartyFalse Campaign StatementsPresident Trump’s Veracity President Trump’s Policies Candidate Endorsements2020 Campaign AdsNational ReferendumsBipartisanshipWomen in PoliticsProsecuting President Trump2020 ElectionsChecks and BalancesDemocratic Socialism
Immigration, Border Security, Terrorism & Homeland Security
Immigrants, Refugees, & Asylum SeekersThe Wall, Border Security & Border PatrolTerrorist AttacksImmigration Policy & ReformAirport, Air, Rail & Port SecurityDeferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)Department of Homeland Security (DHS)Local First RespondersNational SecurityIllegal Immigration EnforcementDream ActHomeland SecurtiyUndocumented ImmigrantsGuest Worker and H-1B ProgramsIllegal Immigration as a Crime or FelonyWhite SupremacistsIllegal Immigrants Social ServicesCyber Security & 5GDeportationImmigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants in USImmigrant Military Service & CitizenshipLegal Status, Residency & Citizenship for Immigrant YouthMuslims Entering USVisa EnforcementIllegal Immigration AmnestyNaturalization Backlog for ImmigrantsWar on TerrorVisa ProgramsDomestic TerrorismCitizenship for Illegal ImmigrantsCriminalize Assistance to Illegal ImmigrantsDriver's Licenses to IllegalsEnglish as Official LanguageNational Security Agency (NSA) & Citizen Surveillance14th AmendmentAmericanization of ImmigrantsArizona's Strict New Immigration LawDatabase of ForeignersElectronic Verification System for EmployersEmployers Who Hire IllegalsE-Verify SystemImmigration of Highly Skilled WorkersLegal Status for Undocumented Farm WorkersRadical IslamReal ID ActSanctuary CitiesTorture & WaterboardingWeapons of Mass DestructionImmigrant Agriculture WorkersDepartment of Peace9/11 Commission RecommendationsAlien MinorsColor-Coded Warning SystemDomestic Intelligence & AgenciesEvacuation PreparednessHarboring, Housing & Work Centers for IllegalsIn-state Tuition for Illegal AliensTerrorist & Enemy Combatant RightsWater, Hazardous Materials & Bio TerrorismImmigrant Healthcare
Housing & Communities
HousingHomelessnessRural AmericaLow Income and Public HousingHousing ShortageUrban SprawlZoningPublic SafetyBlighted AreasCommunity DevelopmentFederal Housing Administration (FHA)HomeownershipBuilding CodesHome PricesMortgagesNeighborhoodsParks And Open SpacesFederal Mortgage RegulationForeclosuresPromotion of Mixed-income NeighborhoodsRenters Rights
Infrastructure & Transportation
TransportationInfrastructureTrain Travel and AmtrakDrunk Driving and Highway SafetyHighway CongestionHighwaysBikes, Scoters and PedestriansDriver's LicensesBikes, Scooters & Alternative VehiclesAir TravelDriver Safety MeasuresMotor Vehicles And InspectionsElectric VehiclesLight RailAbusive Driver FeesSeaportsTraffic CongestionSelf-Driving VehiclesDepartment of TransportationDrunk DrivingPhoto-Red Traffic Signal EnforcementPrivatization of RoadsRed Light Camera Surveillance
Federal Budget & Fiscal Policy
Debt, Deficit Spending & LimitsFiscal PolicyFederal BudgetEntitlementsBalanced Budget Constitutional AmendmentEarmarksPresidential Line-item VetoGold StandardBalanced BudgetPay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) Rule
Gun & Property Rights
Guns & Gun ControlGun LegislationBan on Bump Stocks & Assault WeaponsRight to Own Guns - Second AmendmentGun Background ChecksMental Health Mass ShootingsGun Violence & Homicide National Rifle Association (NRA)Gun Show Checks & Manufacturer Law SuitsHigh Capacity Amo & Gun LocksRed Flag LawsGuns Permits and HuntingGun ShowsRight to Carry a Concealed HandgunGun RegistryLocal Gun LawsGun Straw PurchasesGun Buyback ProgramsMicrostampingInfrastructure BankGun Personalization
Courts, Laws & Justice
Criminal Justice System, Reform & DisparityDeath PenaltyBurning the FlagMinority IncarcerationJudicial Discretion & Mandatory Minimum SentencingCash BailCourtsSupreme CourtJustice DepartmentCriminalization of PovertyEqual JusticeCrack v Powder Cocaine DisparityActivist JudgesLegal ReformParole and ProbationRace Sentencing DisparityImpeachment of PresidentRestorative JusticeCourt CostsJudicial Appointments & ConfirmationsPublic Defender ServicesJuvenile JusticeConstitutionCrime VictimsDefense of Marriage Act (DOMA)Eminent DomainFederal Marriage Amendment (FMA)Law EnforcementBankruptcy ReformTort ReformRule of LawAlternative Dispute ResolutionClass Action ReformObscenity LawsProduct Liability Reform
Crime, Police & Imprisonment
Death PenaltyPrisonsCrimeMinority IncarcerationPrivate PrisonsCriminal Justice ReformIncarcerationsPoliceHate CrimesHate Crimes LegislationRecidivism and RehabilitationCommunity-Oriented PolicingFormerly Incarcerated IndividualsPolice Body CamerasCriminal JusticeCorporate Crime and FraudParole and ProbationSex Crimes & OffendersOfficer Involved ShootingsBlack Lives MatterHuman RightsNon-Violent CrimeYouth and Gang CrimeCrime Violence TraumaHuman TraffickingDomestic ViolenceCrime PreventionIncarcerated WomenArrests & ProsecutionsChild Abuse And NeglectCrimes Against ChildrenRapeVictimless CrimesChild PornographyIdentity TheftNeighborhood CrimeVideotaping Criminal Interrogations
MarijuanaFederal Prohibition of MarijuanaLegalization of Age-Verified Adult Use of MarijuanaLegalization of Marijuana for Medical UseCivil vs Criminal Penalties for Marijuana PossessionExpungement of Non-Violent Marijuana PossessionMarijuana Legislation Sponsored or Co-SponsoredMarijuana Legislation Votes
Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Gambling & Prostitution
Cigarettes and SmokingIllegal DrugsDrunk Driving and Highway SafetyGamblingMetamphetamines and OpioidsDrug Prevention and RehabilitationAlcoholDrinking AgeLotteryPunishments for Drug CrimesDoping in Sports
Foreign Policy
Foreign PolicyIranIran Nuclear Deal & Sanctions AfghanistanChinaNuclear Weapons & Non-Proliferation TreatyIsraelIsraeli and Palestinian ConflictNorth KoreaState Department & DiplomacyIraqMiddle EastRussiaSaudi ArabiaWorld LeadershipSyriaForeign AidLatin and Central AmericaRefugee CrisisCommander in ChiefCubaISISIslam and MuslimsNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)Overseas InterventionsPakistanAgent Orange Related IllnessAmerica's Image AbroadAnti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM)BurmaMexicoPromotion of Democracy Around WorldRadical IslamSanctionsWeapons of Mass DestructionThird World Debt ReliefAfricaArab SpringBalkansCIACluster BombsCutting Off War FundingDeadline for US PulloutDubai Ports Administration PurchaseEuropeG8 (Group of Eight Countries)Guantanamo Bay Prison (GITMO)IndiaInternational Criminal Court (ICC)LebanonLoss of American Lives in IraqOther Arab Countries, Egypt, Libya, TunisiaRecognition of a Palestinian StateTaliban & Radical Islamic JihadistsTaliban, Al-Qaeda and JihadistsTurkey and KurdsUnilateralismUnited Nations (UN)US TreatiesWorldwide HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and MalariaOverseas Arms SalesOct. 2019 US Troop Withdrawal from Syria
Values, Religion, Family, Patriotism & Public Service
ValuesPatriotismBurning the FlagPlanned Parenthood & Family PlanningEuthanasia and Assisted SuicideReligionFamilyChild CarePublic Service, Peace Corps, AmeriCorpsCruelty to AnimalsAmerican ValuesFamily ValuesNational Service and AmeriCorpsAdoption and Foster CareEvolution vs. Intelligent DesignFaith-based Initiative FundingMarriageEqual OpportunityChild SupportOrdination of Women and Gay ClergyPornography and Adult Oriented MediaTolerance & Political CorrectnessSingle ParentsYouthMallsThe Arts & Artists SmartphonesAtheists and AgnosticsBoy and Girl ScoutsFatherhoodMandate Public ServiceMormon Religion and PolygamyMosque Near Ground ZeroNational Endowment for the Arts (NEA)Teen PregnancyHealing America’s Divisions
Military, National Defense & Veterans
VeteransMilitaryWars, Warmaking & Overseas DeploymentsDefense and Military BudgetGays Serving in the MilitaryVeterans' Health and Medical CareVeterans Administration (VA)Veterans Health CareVeteran SuicideSexual Assault in MilitaryImmigrant Military Service & CitizenshipGI Bill & Veterans' BenefitsVeterans' BeneiftsDepartment of Defense and PentagonHomeless VeteransMilitary FamiliesVetreran Job RetrainingDefenseISISNational Guard & ReservesPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)Veterans FundingVeteran EmploymentMilitary Industrial EstablishmentMissile Defense SystemPOWs and MIAsWalter Reed Army Medical Center ScandalDrone StrikesLength of DeploymentsMilitary Pay, Medical Care and BenefitsPersian Gulf War IllnessesPresident AhmadinejadPresident Hamid KarzaiPrivate Security like BlackwaterReducing Military CostsSurvivor BenefitsTaliban, Al-Qaeda and JihadistsMilitary Bases OverseasOct. 2019 US Troop Withdrawal from Syria Congressional Military Approval
Abortion, Pro-Life & Genetic Engineering
AbortionPlanned Parenthood & Family PlanningRoe v. WadePro-Life v. Pro-ChoiceWomen's Reproductive HealthHuman and Animal CloningContraceptionAbortion Federal FundingAbortion for Rape and IncestHealth Insurance Covering Birth ControlStem Cell ResearchViolence Against Women ActAbortion Clinics & ProtestersAdoption and Foster CareLife Beginning at ConceptionOut-of-State AbortionsParental Consent or NotificationPartial-birth AbortionsUsing Embryos in Stem Cell ResearchRight to Life Constitutional AmendmentUltrasound Testing as Part of Informed ConsentChild Custody Protection ActStem Cell Research Federal FundingThe Morning After Pill (Plan B)Unborn Victims of Violence Act
Racism & Race RelationsNative Americans & Indigenous PeopleAfrican AmericansLatino / Hispanic AmericansAfrican American ReparationsAffirmative ActionMinority-Owned BusinessesRacial ProfilingNative American RightsRace Sentencing DisparityNative Americans US TreatiesBlack Discrimination Diversity &ToleranceTaxes on Native AmericansAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA)MinoritiesNative American CasinosWomen of ColorMuslim Americans
Sex & Sexuality
LGBTGay RightsSex and Birth Control EducationSame Sex MarriageSexual Orientation DiscriminationEqual Rights AmendmentCivil Unions & Domestic PartnershipsSame Sex AdoptionsHomosexuality Choice or ChanceSex Crimes & OffendersHomosexuality as SinRefusal of Businesses to GaysTax Treatment of Same Sex CouplesThe Military Don't Ask/Don't Tell PolicyTransgender Public Bathroom RestrictionsGender EqualityMarriage Left to StatesSexual HarassmentInternet PornographyPornography and Adult Oriented MediaBoy and Girl ScoutsChild PornographyObscenity LawsSexism
Technology, Internet, Media, Science & Space
Big Tech Companies & AntitrustInternet NeutralityRural Internet AccessInternetTechnologyCyber Security & 5GInternet PrivacyScienceDigital RightsResearch and DevelopmentInnovationInternet Sales Tax5G & High Speed Broadband DeploymentFederal Communications Commission (FCC)Internet GamblingSafety of Technological ProductsSpammingGreen TechnologyOffice of Technology Assessment (OTA)JournalismFreedom of the PressVoter ID LawsE-Science & Computer Technology ResearchInternet CrimeInternet Divide of Rich & PoorInternet PornographyMediaMedia Violence, Sex & IndecencyNational Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)National Science Foundation (NSF) FundingTelecommunicationsWomen and Minority Research GrantsQuantum Computing TechnologyFederal Minimum WageChinese Internet CensorshipInternet Freedom Preservation ActMedia Ownership ConcentrationNanotechnologiesParental Blocking & Children Internet ProtectionsPrivate Company Space TravelSpaceSpace & Aerospace IndustryTelecommutingWireless SpectrumMedia Fake News and Bias
Banks & Finance
Federal ReserveFinancial CrisisFinancial Industry RegulationBanksBig Banks & Too Big to FailWall StreetGlass-Steagall ActDodd-Frank ActRedlining LoansCredit And BankingPayday Loans & Predatory LendingFannie Mae and Freddie MacStock & Commodity TradingFinancial CrimesInvestment BankingIncome Based Debt Repayment (IBR)China Currency ManipulationHigh-Frequency TradingMortgagesSarbanes-Oxley ActFederal Mortgage RegulationForeclosuresTruth In Lending
Seniors, Social Security, Medicare, Pensions
Social SecuritySeniors & Aging of PopulationRetired WorkersState PensionsSocial Security ReformPensionsRetirement SecuritySocial Security Long Term ViabilityIndividual Retirement Accounts and 401(k)sPrivatizing Social SecurityRaising Retirement Age & Reducing Payment LevelsSocial Security Means TestingSocial Security Trust FundCorporate Defined Benefit Pension DefaultsPension Benefit Guaranty CorporationTax on Social Security BenefitsElder Abuse
Consumers & Food
Consumer Product Safety, Fraud and ProtectionFoodFinancial Consumer ProtectionConsumersDodd-Frank ActCredit AgenciesMeat ProductionCredit CardsFood and Drug Administration (FDA)Genetically Engineered Food (GMOs)Domestic Food SecurityFederal Arbitration ActTelemarketingHousing Education and Counseling (HEC)Food Safety
Poverty, Welfare & Hunger
WelfarePovertyPoor ChildrenSenior PovertyLow Income and Public Housing & AssistanceRural PovertyHungerUrban Poverty