Issues and Issue Questions Available for Candidate Responses

These are the issues and questions we make available to the candidates to inform voters of their positions and views. All responses are provided by the candidate or are taken from the candidate’s website, public statements or legitimate news articles.

Questions Available to All Candidates
General PhilosophyPersonal and FamilyProfessional ExperienceCivic InvolvementPolitical ExperienceReligious AffiliationAccomplishments and AwardsEducational BackgroundMilitary Service
Reasons & Objectives
Why I Am Running for Public OfficeGoals If ElectedAchievements If ElectedAreas to Concentrate OnOn Entering Public ServiceOpinions of Other Candidates
Endorsments, Voting, Elections, Politics & Government
Candidate EndorsementsSafe & Fair ElectionsVoting and Election ReformJanuary 6 2021 Capitol AttackMail-In BallotsTrumpCampaign Finance ReformState GovernmentsFalse Online Information & Fake NewsBallot Measures & Citizen ParticipationCampaign Spending LimitsEminent DomainFaith-Based Programs Bipartisanship
Jobs, Economy, Trade, Business, Industry & Agriculture
EconomyJobsInflationSmall BusinessesAgricultureEconomic StimulusInfrastructurePaid Maternity, Family & Medical LeaveEmployment DiscriminationFamily FarmReal EstateMinority & Women-Owned BusinessesAuto IndustryOpening the EconomyGreen EconomyGreen Jobs & Manufacturing Green FarmingSeed CorporationsGreen Jobs
Crime, Police & Imprisonment
Crime & PreventionBlack Lives MatterDefund PolicePolice ReformPolice MilitarizationPolice Body CamerasSex Crimes & OffendersDeath PenaltyPrisonsMinority IncarcerationPrivate PrisonsIncarcerationsHate CrimesHate Crimes LegislationRecidivism and RehabilitationCommunity-Oriented PolicingFormerly Incarcerated IndividualsParole and ProbationOfficer Involved ShootingsHuman RightsYouth and Gang CrimeCrime Violence TraumaHuman TraffickingDomestic ViolenceIncarcerated WomenArrests & ProsecutionsCrimes Against ChildrenRapeChild PornographyIdentity TheftVideotaping Criminal InterrogationsWorking with Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)Protests & RiotingPrison SlaveryParents Prosecution Truant ChildrenPublic Transportation Fare EvasionBail ReformInmates WorkChildren Crimes
Housing & Communities
HousingAffordable Housing / Rentals & SupportsRenter EvictionsHomeownershipHomelessnessHousing ShortageUrban SprawlZoningPublic SafetyBlighted AreasCommunity DevelopmentBuilding CodesHome PricesMortgagesParks And Open SpacesForeclosuresRenters RightsRedlining Housing & LoansTransgender Protections & Community
Health & Medical
Proposed Budget Cuts to CDC, NIH, and WHOWomen's Health & ReproductionMental HealthMental Health Mass ShootingsDrug Addiction & Substance AbusePregnancy and ChildbirthChildren and Schools COVID VaccinationsChina’s Role in COVID Community Health Centers Attracting Doctors and Medical Care ProvidersChronic & Catastrophic IllnessesCOVID PandemicCOVID Impact & Government ResponseCOVID Vaccine Mandates & TestingUniversal Free Schools MealsPreventive Health CareElderly's Health & AbuseObesityState Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)Alternative MedicineCigarettes Drug & Alcohol AdvertisingOpioid Crisis
Education & Schools
Teaching Racial, Sexual, and Political materialCritical Race TheoryHigher Education & College CostsCharter and Magnet SchoolsSchool SafetyOnline LearningStudent Debt & ForgivenessStudent Loans, Scholarships and Pell GrantsTeacher PayPublic Schools K-12Local Control Over EducationCommon Core EducationSex and Birth Control EducationStudent Standards and TestingSpecial EducationCommunity CollegesFree College TuitionEvolution and Intelligent Design EducationTeacher UnionsAchievement Gaps like Black-White, Boy-GirlClassroom SizeTeacher StandardsSchool DesegregationAfter-School, Sports, Art, Music ProgramsBullying and School CrimeHome SchoolingSexual Orientation EducationTeacher TenureTextbook SelectionVocational and Technical EducationComputers & Technology in SchoolsHigh SchoolsJunk Food & Vending Machines in SchoolsBilingual EducationDrugs in SchoolsParental Involvement in EducationArming TeachersDropoutsLow-Income SchoolsWork-Study ProgramMinority-Serving Colleges and UniversitiesRural EducationUniversal Free Schools MealsAdult EducationMath and Science in SchoolsSchool BudgetsSchool Curriculum Math, Science, History, GovernmentTeacher DiversityTeacher RetentionInequity in Public SchoolsEducation FundingSTEM-H Education
Environment & Climate Change
EnvironmentClimate Change & Global WarmingPollutionCarbon TaxNational and State ParksNet Zero & Reducing EmissionsGlobal Greenhouse EmissionsGreenhouse Gas Emission LimitsEndangered SpeciesLand, Rivers and LakesNatural DisastersPublic Lands & WaterClean Water Act of 1977Oil IndustryHumans Affect on Climate ChangeGreen Offices, Homes and ImprovementsToxic WasteCarbon Capture TechnologyCoalFuel & Energy Efficiency & StandardsFlood Protection And Levee RepairInvasive SpeciesRecyclingWildfiresEnvironmental JusticeRural Environment WasteMassive AgribusinessFlexible Fuel VehiclesForest FiresForests, Fish and WildlifeSpent Nuclear FuelState & Local Climate Change InitiativesBiodiversity & BiotechnologyTax Credit for Purchase of Efficient AppliancesConservation Flood MitigationSingle Use PlasticsGreen EconomyGreen EnergyGreen FarmingGreen Jobs & Manufacturing Green Technology & Infrastructure
Civil, Religious, LGBTQ & Human Rights
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & ToleranceTransgender Protections & CommunityConfederate Statues Racism & Race RelationsStudent ProtestsBlack Lives MatterCivil RightsLGBTQ+Women's IssuesPrivacy RightsGay RightsLatino / Hispanic AmericansSame Sex MarriageSexual Orientation DiscriminationAnti-semitismWomen’s RightsHate CrimesHate Crimes LegislationProperty Rights vs. Civil RightsEqual Rights AmendmentCivil Unions & Domestic PartnershipsRacial ProfilingSame Sex AdoptionsSexual Orientation EducationRacial Discrimination & DisparitiesCruelty to AnimalsHomosexuality Choice or ChanceHuman RightsRefusal of Businesses to GaysDefense of Marriage Act (DOMA)Marriage Left to StatesFreedomNative American CasinosReligious RightsProperty Rights
Marijuana, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Gambling & Prostitution
MarijuanaMedical MarijuanaCigarettes and SmokingIllegal DrugsDrunk Driving and Highway SafetyGamblingMetamphetamines and OpioidsDrug Prevention and RehabilitationAlcoholDrinking AgeLottery
Infrastructure & Transportation
Bikes, Scoters and PedestriansTransportationInfrastructureDrunk Driving and Highway SafetyHighway CongestionHighwaysDriver's LicensesDriver Safety MeasuresMotor Vehicles And InspectionsElectric VehiclesPublic TransportationLight RailAbusive Driver FeesTraffic CongestionSelf-Driving VehiclesDepartment of TransportationPhoto-Red Traffic Signal EnforcementPrivatization of Roads
TaxesProperty TaxesTax ReformSales TaxTax Exemptions
Seniors, Social Security, Medicare, Pensions
Seniors & Aging of PopulationRetired WorkersState Pensions
Black Lives MatterRacism & Race RelationsRacial Discrimination & DisparitiesRacial ProfilingRace Sentencing DisparitySexual Orientation DiscriminationDiversity, Equity, Inclusion & ToleranceLatino / Hispanic AmericansMinority & Women-Owned BusinessesNative American CasinosMinority IncarcerationMinority-Serving Colleges and UniversitiesEmployment Discrimination
Questions Available to New Jersey Statewide, House and Senate Candidates
Labor, Wages & Unions
Minimum WagePaid Maternity, Family & Medical LeaveEqual PayLaborRight-To-WorkEmployment DiscriminationRetired Workers
Abortion, Pro-Life & Genetic Engineering
Abortion(Pro-Choice) v Pro-LifePlanned Parenthood & Family PlanningContraceptionAbortion for Rape and IncestViolence Against Women ActAbortion Clinics & ProtestersAdoption and Foster CareOut-of-State AbortionsParental Consent or NotificationPartial-birth AbortionsUsing Embryos in Stem Cell ResearchUltrasound Testing as Part of Informed ConsentChild Custody Protection Act
Poverty, Welfare & Hunger
WelfarePovertySenior PovertyRural PovertyHungerUrban Poverty
Courts, Laws & Justice
Criminal Justice System, Reform & DisparityBlack Lives MatterDeath PenaltyMinority IncarcerationCash BailCourts & TrialsCriminalization of PovertyEqual JusticeParole and ProbationRace Sentencing DisparityRestorative JusticeCourt CostsPublic Defender ServicesJuvenile JusticeConstitutionCrime Victims Rights (Marsy's Law)Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)Eminent DomainAlternative Dispute ResolutionObscenity LawsRacial Justice, Equality & EquityLie DetectorsNo One Above the Law
Banks & Finance
BanksRedlining Housing & LoansPayday Loans & Predatory LendingWhite Collar & Financial CrimesMortgagesForeclosures
Values, Religion, Family, Patriotism & Public Service
Planned Parenthood & Family PlanningFamilyCruelty to AnimalsAmerican ValuesFamily ValuesAdoption and Foster CareEvolution vs. Intelligent DesignFaith-Based Programs Equal OpportunityOrdination of Women and Gay ClergyTolerance & Political CorrectnessBoy and Girl Scouts
Gun & Property Rights
Gun Legislation and ControlBan on Bump Stocks & Assault WeaponsRight to Own and Cary Guns - Second AmendmentGun Background ChecksMental Health Mass ShootingsGun Violence & Homicide National Rifle Association (NRA)Gun Show Checks & Manufacturer Law SuitsHigh Capacity Amo & Gun LocksRed Flag LawsGuns Permits and HuntingGun ShowsGun RegistryLocal Gun LawsGun Straw PurchasesGun Buyback ProgramsGun PersonalizationRight to Carry a Concealed Handgun
EnergyRenewable Energy & Fossil FuelsFracking and Natural GasCarbon TaxGreenhouse Gas Emission LimitsGreen EnergyEthanol & BiofuelsOil DrillingOil IndustryGreen Offices, Homes and ImprovementsGas Prices & Gas TaxesAlternate EnergyCoalFuel & Energy Efficiency & StandardsAuto IndustryCap-and-TradeEnergy RegulationEnergy Research and DevelopmentHybrid and Electric CarsSpent Nuclear FuelShale GasSolar EnergyUtility Regulation/Deregulation
Immigration, Border Security, Terrorism & Homeland Security
The Wall, Border Security & Border PatrolLocal First RespondersDriver's Licenses to IllegalsEnglish as Official Language14th AmendmentElectronic Verification System for EmployersImmigrant Agriculture Workers
Technology, Internet, Social Media, Science & Space
TikTok Rural Internet AccessInternet PrivacyInternet GamblingGreen Technology & InfrastructureVoter ID LawsInternet CrimeInternet PornographyMedia Fake & Bias NewsSocial Media
Military, National Defense & Veterans
Police Militarization
Federal Budget & Fiscal Policy
Debt, Deficit Spending & LimitsFiscal PolicyBalanced BudgetPay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) Rule
Sex & Sexuality
LGBTQ+Gay RightsSex and Birth Control EducationSame Sex MarriageSexual Orientation DiscriminationEqual Rights AmendmentCivil Unions & Domestic PartnershipsSame Sex AdoptionsHomosexuality Choice or ChanceSex Crimes & OffendersRefusal of Businesses to GaysMarriage Left to StatesInternet PornographyBoy and Girl ScoutsChild PornographyObscenity LawsSexism
Consumers & Food
FoodConsumersCredit AgenciesMeat ProductionCredit CardsGenetically Engineered Food (GMOs)TelemarketingFood Safety