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November 8, 2016 Kansas General Election

Candidates for United States House Of Representatives District 4, Kansas

Daniel B. Giroux - D
Mike Pompeo - R
Gordon Bakken - L
Miranda Allen - I
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Mike Pompeo
General Philosophy
Personal and Family
Professional Experience
Civic Involvement
Political Experience
Religious Affiliation
Accomplishments and Awards
Educational Background
Military Service
Reasons & Objectives
Why I Am Running for Public Office
Goals If Elected
Jobs, Economy, Trade, Business, Industry & Agriculture
Small Businesses
Economic Stimulus
Foreign Job Outsourcing
Income Inequality
Farm Bill
$700 Billion Troubled Asset Relief Bailout
Labor, Wages & Unions
Unions and Collective Bargaining
Minimum Wage
Income Inequality
Worker Rights and Benefits
Equal Pay
Health & Medical
Prescription Drugs
Mental Health Mass Shootings
Education & Schools
Private Schools Vouchers and Funding
Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance in Schools
Pre-School and Early Childhood Education
No Child Left Behind
Common Core Education
Evolution and Intelligent Design Education
Home Schooling
Environment & Climate Change
Climate Change & Global Warming
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & Regulation
Global Environmental Standards
Developing World Climate Change & Energy
Fuel & Energy Efficiency & Standards
Clean Air Act of 1963
Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC)
Abortion, Pro-Life & Genetic Engineering
Abortion(Pro-Choice) v Pro-Life
Stem Cell Research
Life Beginning at Conception
Poverty, Welfare & Hunger
Poor Children
Low Income and Public Housing & Assistance
Rural Poverty
Voting, Elections, Politics & Government
Government & Democracy
Government Shut Down
Government Corruption and Ethics
Federal Bureaucracy & Regulations
Partisan Gridlock
Post Office & Postal Banking
Ballot Measures & Citizen Participation
Separation of Church & State
Courts, Laws & Justice
Criminal Justice System, Reform & Disparity
Death Penalty
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
Banks & Finance
Glass-Steagall Act
Dodd-Frank Act
Crime, Police & Imprisonment
Crime & Prevention
Death Penalty
Hate Crimes Legislation
Corporate Crime and Fraud
Domestic Violence
Civil, Religious, LGBTQ & Human Rights
Civil Rights
Gay Rights
Persons with Disabilities
Affirmative Action
Same Sex Marriage
Hate Crimes Legislation
Racial Profiling
Muslims Entering US
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
Gender Equality
Housing & Communities
Low Income and Public Housing & Assistance
Values, Religion, Family, Patriotism & Public Service
American Values
Family Values
National Service and AmeriCorps
Evolution vs. Intelligent Design
Ordination of Women and Gay Clergy
Marijuana, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Gambling & Prostitution
Illegal Drugs
Metamphetamines and Opioids
Gun & Property Rights
Gun Legislation and Control
Right to Own and Cary Guns - Second Amendment
Mental Health Mass Shootings
Gun Show Checks & Manufacturer Law Suits
Renewable Energy & Fossil Fuels
Fracking and Natural Gas
Developing World Climate Change & Energy
Fuel & Energy Efficiency & Standards
Immigration, Border Security, Terrorism & Homeland Security
Immigrants, Refugees, & Asylum Seekers
The Wall, Border Security & Border Patrol
Immigration Policy & Reform
Airport, Air, Rail & Port Security
Illegal Immigration Enforcement
Illegal Immigrants Social Services
Cyber Security & 5G
Muslims Entering US
Illegal Immigration Amnesty
National Security Agency (NSA) & Citizen Surveillance
Domestic Intelligence & Agencies
Infrastructure & Transportation
Technology, Internet, Media, Science & Space
Internet Neutrality
Rural Internet Access
Cyber Security & 5G
Taxing the Wealthiest
Corporate & Business Taxes
Income Taxes
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy
North Korea
Foreign Aid
Refugee Crisis
Military, National Defense & Veterans
Defense and Military Budget
Department of Defense and Pentagon
Homeless Veterans
Seniors, Social Security, Medicare, Pensions
Social Security
Privatizing Social Security
Federal Budget & Fiscal Policy
Debt, Deficit Spending & Limits
Fiscal Policy
Federal Budget
Racial Profiling
Affirmative Action
Sex & Sexuality
Gay Rights
Same Sex Marriage
Gender Equality
Consumers & Food
Dodd-Frank Act
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